Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picking Paint Colors

Is there anyone out there that enjoys picking paint colors and picks the "right" color the first time??!  I can say with all certainty I am NOT one of them.  I am however a big fan of the little sample paints from the orange store! 

I wish I had a before picture of the door with the dozen or so little paper paint chips taped on the door.  Family and neighbors were making their picks and we had it narrowed down to 3 colors.  We were looking for just the right red to add a "pop" of color, but not be obnoxious, but match a colonial house.  We ruled out one color really quickly as it was a bit on the pinkish side and that left us with the 2 colors below:  Dozen Roses by Behr (the orange store brand) and Classic Burgandy by Benjamin Moore. 
I really wanted to love the Classic Burgandy since we have a colonial house and it just seemed like it should be the right fit (is this a good time to mention that hubby liked Dozen Roses better?), but it just seemed so dark next to the black shutters.  I left the colors up for a few days, looked at it at all times of the day, from my lawn, from the street, and from the neighbors. 
In the end, concensus was with Dozen Roses and I must admit I love the name and it makes me smile :)!  Since the Sherwin Williams paint had such great reviews, I had them do a color match on the Dozen Roses sample.  

I'm glad I did all my testing of colors on the door that will be removed.  I was going to paint the sidelights red too, but hubby thought that would be too much.  We took a ride through a neighborhood that had both painted and white sidelights and with red I liked it unpainted.  Glad we did that as it saved me some time!  I did finally paint the front door all one color and I also sanded and painted the garage door the same red. 

I am so excited to get my new door this week ~ although I'll have to paint it all over again ;)

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